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Spotting a Beach House Scam on Long Beach Island

Andrew Giannattasio | Apr 13, 2020

Do you own a beach house that you rent out to vacationers while you're not using it? If so, you could become the victim of a scam, if you're not careful. Beach house scammers have been known to do everything from steal beach house furniture to rent out homes they don't own to unsuspecting victims. As a property owner, maintaining awareness of potential scams and watching for suspicious activity can protect you, protect your property and may even protect victims that you've never met.

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How Much Does it Cost to Raise a House in a Coastal Flood Zone?

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 30, 2019


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To Raise or Raze? That is the Question

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 26, 2019


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Flood Insurance for Your Custom Home in Long Beach Island

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 22, 2019


Life happens. More importantly, nature happens. And though thinking about natural disasters might feel morbid and unpleasant, protecting your home from the beautiful but volatile ocean is a must when you live on Long Beach Island. In fact, depending on where you choose to plant roots, flood insurance could be a requirement of your mortgage.

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