The Advantages of Design Build

Why Design Build vs Traditional Process?

Design-Build Vs Traditional Method

Teamwork improves your satisfaction plus the value you get

Design Build is a full-service type of concept where you retain a Custom Home Builder who acts as your general contractor to guide and assist with your project. Your Builder will recommend an Architect based on your specific needs and goals. Once you're comfortable that your Architect is a good fit, GTG Builders and your design professional will start developing plans that respect your needs and budget. With your Builder and Architect working together, you get the design and budget that meet your needs, not one or the other.

Design Build offers reduced timelines and ensures your final design stays within your budget goals.

  • The Traditional Method may produce a Custom Home Design you're not willing to pay for or can’t afford.
  • With Design Build, your design and budget are valued equally thus avoiding a “redesign."
  • Design Build allows for Design and Pricing to happen in parallel to save time, versus the Traditional method which was one after the other

If you have questions why Design Build works best, reach out to us to discuss.



Select a Custom Home BuilderOK, So How Do I Select a Builder?

Hint: Don’t try to fit a round peg into a square hole

The old saying goes, “What are you looking for in a Builder; Best Price, Best Quality or Best Speed? You can have two but not all three! 

At GTG Builders, however,  we add a fourth, “Customer Experience”.



We also believe you can have all four, but you 'll need to be honest with yourself and rank them as they all can't all be equally important. We recommend you search for a Builder you “like”, someone you are comfortable talking to because you will spend a lot of time with them.

Do This Exercise: Take the following traits and rank them on a piece of paper.

    • Price – Do I have a specific price limit for my project? Do I need a builder who will deliver for less?
    • Speed – Do I need a builder who will bring the project in on time, without a doubt?  Does my builder need to deliver quicker than is customary?
    • Quality – Do I want a trouble-free, low maintenance home for as long as I live there?  Do I want someone who offers good quality materials, excellent labor, and meet high standards? Do I want a builder who will service me and my home for the life of my home?
    • Customer Experience – Do I want to enjoy the process and the people I work with to accomplish my goals?


Finances and Budget

Finances & Budget

Developing a Budget for your Custom Home Project

Would you go car shopping without some idea of what you are willing to spend?  Probably not.  If we all did, we'd only be driving our dream car.

It's the same for planning a Custom Home Project. Ask yourself what can you spend from start to finish, then find a Custom Home Builder to help you develop a budget that meets your goals.


Keys to a Successful Budget:

  • Land – What is the cost of the land I want to purchase?
  • Home – What will it cost to build my dream home?
  • Site Work – What will utilities (electric, water, gas, etc), tree removal, driveway, etc. cost to build?

Your builder should be able to help you develop a budget for each one of those items, as well as recommend needed modifications to achieve your budget.

Our suggestion: Don't commit to any land purchase until you've discussed a budget plan with your custom home builder based on the land conditions.