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Custom Home Planning for Retirement in Central New Jersey

Custom Kitchen with dark and light contrast with modern appliances

Retire by Design

It's time to retire by design. You've worked hard to build a life, family, and career that you can be proud of, and it's time to start investing in your retirement house plans. Whether you're looking to downsize or completely change into a floor plan that meets your current needs, GTG Builders is eager to work with you on your retirement home timeline. 

Your home should always be your haven. That haven will soon look like a house for retirement, custom-designed to meet your evolving needs but keeping with your aesthetic preferences and design choices. 

Modern bathroom with marbled walls and vanity area

What type of home is best for retirement?

When discussing home design for seniors, we don't mean a tiny cottage or an in-law suite. We mean retirement home designs that include single-story floor plans, accessible basements and garages, and even elevators for multi-story homes. No one home fits all when planning your retirement home. Instead, the type of home best for your retirement is based on your bespoke needs, style, and budget. A talented retirement home builder is comfortable guiding you through the building process - no pushing or guesswork necessary. 

Floor plans designed for Seniors

Custom retirement homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. While everyone knows of the stereotypical small retirement cottage, you have far more options than that. From accessible garages and basements to installing a discrete elevator, the options are endless.

The beauty of choosing a floor plan designed for seniors is that your builder can add those details that allow you to age comfortably in place. If you're eager to see our basement and garage designed catered to seniors or what modern home elevators look like, GTG Builder is the custom retirement home builder for the job. 


What are the first three steps of retirement planning?

What are the first three retirement planning steps, and what should an astute homeowner do? We've got a few answers for you!

Establish Your Retirement Timeline

Determine when you plan to retire. This will help you calculate how many years to save and invest for retirement. It sounds simple enough, but retiring early versus later can influence budget, retirement home construction, and layout. Your retirement timeline is an integral step in the process.

Set the Retirement Budget

Create a budget that outlines your expected expenses and income sources during retirement. Spend some time thinking about your interests, intended lifestyle, and hopeful hobbies. Your retirement timeline hinges the most on your budget. And your budget hinges on where you build, 

Find a Trusted Retirement Home Builder

The team you select to build your retirement home should balance proprietary knowledge on the one hand and a deep understanding of your needs and lifestyle on the other. Construction can only begin once you feel confident in the process, the builder, and your budget. Our portfolio of homes is available for your perusal, helping you choose the plans and designs that are right for you.


when should you build your retirement home?

You should begin constructing your retirement home once it becomes apparent it's time to downsize. Construction of a custom home takes time, energy, and planning, and investing in your new home will allow this new phase of your life to begin. It's wise to start construction around a year before you are ready to downsize so that you can take your time in the process and move out at a comfortable pace. 

However, it's never too early to start dreaming about building your retirement home and what that might look like. 


is now a good time to build a house?

As we mentioned earlier, your home should be your haven. With changing real estate prices, interest rates, and the never-ending news cycle, building a home now ensures you can retire by design. Creating a retirement house bespoke to your needs (now and in the future) also ensures stability for your future. 

Don't wait to lock in your future retirement home plans and start creating the next phase of your life. 

how much money should you have to build a house?

A savvy financial planner can tell you just how much money you need to build a house, live comfortably, and reach your retirement goals. However, the budget of your retirement home is based on the design you choose. Consult with a financial planner early and often to discern the proper budget. We also offer resources, including budget worksheets and custom home guides!

You've spent years working, saving, and building. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of that labor and build a retirement home designed for this season of your life.


what is a good-sized house for retirement?

The best size house for retirement is one that you can comfortably live in. Some of our clients prefer larger homes for visiting family or hosting and can maintain these spaces without issue. Others prefer a smaller lot that is simpler to maintain but still has adequate space.

Consider your retirement plans when deciding what size of home best fits you.

What county will you choose to retire in? Will you be raising horses and needing extra acreage? Will your retirement home still be a spot where your family and friends stay overnight regularly?

Your retirement home plans are drawn around your lifestyle, family, and plans. Don't settle for anything less than precisely what you want and need. You've earned it. 


Ready to Build construction on your central NJ retirement home?

GTG Builders is Central New Jersey's trusted home builder because we invest care, time, and intention in our design, building, and relationships. We don't just pay attention to the home we're building; we pay attention to you, the homeowner. We know that the relationship between owner and builder relies on trust, transparency, and open communication.

Ready to take the next step in your retirement timeline? Contact GTG Builders today to see what we can build for you. 


Custom Home Guide [Free PDF]