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Elevate Your Retirement: Building Your Central NJ Custom Home Designed for Your Golden Years

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The Golden Years

Let's explore how you can elevate your retirement by planning a custom home in Central New Jersey that is perfectly suited for your golden years.

Building a retirement home should be an amalgamation of all your dreams come true. Your hard work, dedication, and planning all culminate in retirement house plans that allow you to age happily and healthily in place. In this blog post, we’ll cover questions about the four pillars of retirement planning, the golden rule of retirement planning, and just what funds you can use to build a home. 

We'll answer questions like the cost of building a house in Central New Jersey, discuss whether you should build a custom retirement home, and when to start the process of building a custom home.

should you build a retirement home?

In a word, yes. Building a retirement home custom-designed to your needs allows you to age in place gracefully and incorporate house plans for senior living. 

Your retirement home should be more than just a house; it should be a sanctuary that welcomes you with open arms. The entryway sets the tone for the rest of the home, offering a glimpse into the beauty that lies within. Consider a grand entrance with a sweeping driveway and elegant landscaping or perhaps a cozy front porch where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Your dream home entry should reflect your style and personality while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and your guests.


What should YOU do two years before retirement?

Starting two to five years before you hope to retire, search for builders in your area who specialize in retirement home plans. Check out their portfolios, look at floor plans, and consider whether you need a small retirement home or a larger plan.

Look for Custom Retirement Home Builders

Look for custom retirement home builders familiar with incorporating age-in-place design elements. These features are designed to make your home more accessible and comfortable as you age, ensuring that you can remain independent and safe in your own home. From grab bars in the bathrooms and stylish elevators to lever-style door handles and slip-resistant flooring, you can add various options to your home that can impact your quality of life.

When looking at floor plans and designs, start considering these elements and what might suit your taste best.


what are the four pillars of retirement planning?

Every great structure has four pillars, and retirement planning is no exception. Let's dig into the four pillars of retirement planning and what it means for upcoming retirees. 


Location, location, location!

The town, county, state, and country where you choose to retire are important in the four pillars of retirement planning. Not only do you need the location to begin planning, but the location you choose greatly influences your budget. For many, the draw of a location is the elements of nearby family, weather, tax laws, or culture. Only you can choose what area is best for you. For the team at GTG Builders, Central New Jersey offers the ideal blend of affordable price points, coast and country, and urban and rural living.


Your retirement home planning budget is multi-faceted and dependent on your retirement savings. Having a safe, aging-friendly, and beautiful place to live should be high on your priority list. A talented builder will understand how to build the right home within your budget and prevent scope creep.

Future plans

Whether you plan to travel, raise horses, or host the grandkids, these choices also factor into your retirement planning. Factor those plans into your budget and location. While your builder might specialize in retirement home plans, chatting about future travel or your latest hobby is a great way to build on that relationship. 


While we all hope to live in great health forever, the reality of aging means that access to doctors and pivots due to health need to be part of the plan. If mobility is a factor, consider a small retirement home with one story or an elevator for a second story. No matter the future, you deserve to be comfortable in your home. 


The golden Rule of Retirement planning

What is the golden rule of retirement planning? Much like The Scouts' mantra, it focuses on being prepared—always prepared—for anything. Whether you're looking at a sprawling ranch or cozy cottage for your retirement home plans, your budget and goals should be ready to pivot should something change. 


From accessible basements and garages designed for seniors to sprawling single-story layouts to even tastefully placed elevators, you have incredible options when planning for your custom retirement home. 

At GTG Builders, we build custom homes for the people living there. Your lifestyle, goals, and preferences are all woven into our design plan. We're skilled at designing custom homes that meet your current and future needs.

Planning is not just in case something goes awry. Planning for aging-in-place designs in your custom home establishes your trajectory in retirement and gives you an idea of what to look forward to. 

Your future in your golden years is bright!


Ready to start your retirement home plans in Central New Jersey?

It's time to contact GTG Builders to see if we're the right custom home builder for your retirement home plans. We're here to answer your questions about the custom home-building process, listen to your needs, and help you make the best choices for your retirement home.

Contact us today to see if we're the right fit for you!


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