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3 Equestrian Ideas When Building a Custom Home in NJ

For many people in New Jersey, building their custom dream home includes adding a horse barn for their equine friends as well. In order for it to work well, you need to put just as much thought, attention, and effort into the horse stalls as you did for your own home. Our team at GTG has listed three key ideas to keep in mind when building a custom home in New Jersey. 

1. How to Determine the Best Location

There are numerous elements that will affect the final location of your horse barn. Some of these will be dependent on your own preferences. Others, though, will be required in order to comply with regulations from the county or another, similar entity.

While you might have a particular area in mind for the placement of the horse barn, be sure that it is relatively level and flat. Excavation adds significant time to the overall completion of the barn and could increase the cost so much that it is prohibitive.

That being said, work closely with your builder to ensure that the area where the barn will be located is well-drained and facing away from the north. These steps can help protect your horses while encouraging the water to run off away from the barn.

From which area of the home do you want to be able to see the barn? What is the ideal distance between the barn and your home? Should there be pastures, round pens or other options for the horse to be kept safely outdoors in between your home and the barn? If so, you'll need to find a location that has enough space for them.

These are just a few of the questions that you'll need to consider when you're deciding where to locate the horse barn. Just as important, however, are the stipulations required by the county or township. Will a variance be required in order to situation the barn where you want it? If so, what is the process for obtaining one?

These answers -- as well as the requirements regarding easements, setbacks, and the like -- are something that your builder should know. The builder you choose should also be skilled at navigating the process to ensure that your barn is compliant.

2. Focus on Safety, Convenience, and Good Health

Spacious areas that provide good drainage and sturdy footing for your horses is only the beginning when it comes to the ideal horse stall design. Stall doors that have tops that can be latched open provide the horses with more room and an airy space.

Make sure the barn doors are easy to open and close while providing enough ground clearance for easy operation. The last thing you'll feel like doing is digging your way into the barn after an overnight snowfall only to discover that the design of the barn doors didn't take this into account.

Corner feeders that can be accessed from outside the stalls not only put wasted space inside the stalls to use but also make it easier and quicker to access on busy days. Automatic waterers ensure that your horses always have access to fresh water.

Electricity is a must and its design must focus on safety above all else. This doesn't mean that convenience can't be built in too though. An electric cord that is retractable and built high above the stalls, for example, allows you to use horse clippers, heat water buckets, and a myriad of other chores without endangering the horses.

Matching the color scheme, design, and other pet-friendly features of your horse barn to your custom home creates a cohesive and one-of-a-kind look. Make sure that you choose the materials used in the horse barn design carefully. For example, a smooth wood inside the stalls can help prevent horses from chewing when they must be confined for long periods of time.

3. How to Include Multiple Options for Exercising

Many luxury horse barns include some type of indoor arena. This is an especially good idea in climates like New Jersey because the harsh winters can make even the most dedicated rider rethink horseback riding in New Jersey if it takes place outdoors. Adding an indoor riding arena also provides another space in which the horses can be turned out for free exercise while still being protected from the weather or other elements.

Round pens are another must-have item when it comes to exercising your horse. From having a contained space to work on new skills to the security of a small area, a round pen is an invaluable addition that you will often use and in a variety of ways.


Partner with GTG Builders

You'll have plenty of horse barn ideas of your own that you'll want to be included in the design. We can help you navigate the details such as making sure the look matches the house, finding the perfect location, and ensuring the property is set up for a barn in the first place. This is why you need to work with a builder that listens to your needs and wants. GTG Builders, a second-generation, award-winning, family-run business that brings more than 65 years of experience to its clients, has earned a reputation for high-quality customer service and workmanship. Learn more about how they can partner with you to deliver results that exceed your greatest expectations by contacting GTG Builders today.


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