The 5 Best Home Features for Empty Nesters


Once the kids move out, homeowner priorities start to shift. Some homeowners start to think more about recreation and entertaining. Others start to prepare for retirement and the years beyond. Whether your priorities are fun and fanciful or practical and forward thinking, your first few years as an empty nester represent the perfect time to remodel or build a new home. Below we've written our top 5 home features for new empty nesters.

1. Age in Place Features

Once the kids move out, most adults begin to think more seriously about retirement. Aging in place is a goal for older adults who value their independence. Common age in place features include:

  • Curbless shower
  • Extra wide hallways and doorways (for wheelchairs)
  • Non-slip floors in kitchen and bathroom
  • Carpeting (a softer surface, in the event of a fall)
  • Grab bars in bathroom
  • Tall toilet

Not sure which age in place features are best for you? Get quotes from a reputable contractor to help you make your decision.  

2. Outdoor Living Space for Entertaining

Now is the time to invite friends and loved ones over for barbecues and parties! To make this possible, add a deck or patio with dog-friendly features onto your back yard, then install the outdoor kitchen and living room you've always wanted. Have the work done by a licensed contractor, especially if you're laying plumbing and gas lines for an outdoor sink or grill. 

3. Guest Room

Now that the kids are gone, it's easier to have guests at home. Most children (and teenagers) are hard on their bedrooms, so before you can turn their space into a guest room, replace the carpeting and paint the walls to create an attractive and inviting environment. While you're at it, re-evaluate the size of their closet. Want more storage space? Have your contractor widen the closet to create a walk-in storage area for your seasonal items.  

4. Home Office

Working at home can be challenging when children are around, because kids can be a distraction. Telecommuting becomes easier once the kids leave. At least, it becomes easy if you have a space to work. A good home office isn't difficult to design but may take work if you're turning your child's old bedroom into your new work space. Hire a contractor to revitalize the space and install built-in shelves. 

5. Downsized Home

Once the children are gone, some homes just start to seem too big. There are many reasons to downsize after the children move out. Smaller homes are easier to clean, easier to care for, and easier to live in. Hire a design build contractor to create your modest-sized forever home. 

The secret to successful downsizing is to use storage space wisely. Work with your builder to design a home with sufficient storage space. A walk-in closet, finished attic, finished basement and outdoor shed are all very useful features for homeowners who make the move from a larger home to a smaller home. With sufficient storage space, you can live comfortably in a smaller home without letting go of a lifetime worth of belongings. 

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