Designing Your Custom Home for Resale in New Jersey

Andrew Giannattasio | May 20, 2019

If you built a custom home but find yourself needing to relocate, you may wonder what steps you can take to expedite the selling process and maximize your home's appeal. On the up side, with a recently-built house, you can likely avoid high-cost updates like HVAC systems, foundation repairs, window replacement, or plumbing reconfigurations.

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Maximizing Your Custom Home for Entertaining

Andrew Giannattasio | May 13, 2019


One of the most fulfilling aspects of having your home custom-built is designing a domain that magnifies your values. If you live to entertain, this can mean generating unique spaces that make guests feel relaxed, embraced, and charmed. Here are a few ways to make your home a hub of vivacity and personal connection.

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Worth the Splurge: What to Include in Your Custom Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Apr 29, 2019

A large portion of your custom home costs come in the form of upgrades, and while some can fulfill niche preferences, others withstand the test of ownership and add lasting value to your property. Here's a look at additions worth every penny.

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Determining the Style of Your Long Beach Island Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Apr 02, 2019

Long Beach Island is an idyllic beach town where people from all over New Jersey come to escape. When building a custom home in LBI, you’ll want to settle on a style that works both your family as well as the coastal landscape. The good news is there are plenty of Jersey Shore beach home styles to choose from.

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Custom Home Design: Should You Start from Scratch or With a Stock Plan?

Andrew Giannattasio | Mar 20, 2019

You’ve decided you are going to build a new home. Not just any home, but one that is fully customized to your unique lifestyle. But where and how to start?

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Interior Design Trends for 2019

Andrew Giannattasio | Dec 03, 2018

In 2019, the top trends in interior design will involve making the most of your home’s space. Rooms will be designed to serve a multitude of purposes as a way to maximize square footage. Decor items and furnishings that are handmade and constructed from sustainable materials will also have renewed popularity. Bold colors will be seen anywhere and everywhere in interior design with plenty of high drama accentuated through the use of glossy and high-shine finishes.

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