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Custom Home Design: Should I Start from Scratch or With a Stock Plan?

Andrew Giannattasio | Jun 03, 2020

You’ve decided you are going to build a new home. Not just any home, but one that is fully customized to your unique lifestyle. But where and how to start?

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Ten Ideas for Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Andrew Giannattasio | May 13, 2020

Undeniably one of the most dominant rooms in the home, your kitchen has a big job to do. More importantly, it must meet the practical needs of your family while stationing itself as the forefront of social interaction. In short, its functionality and style should come together in cosmic harmony, showcasing your family’s personality in thoughtful design.

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The 5 Best Home Features for Empty Nesters

Andrew Giannattasio | Mar 30, 2020


Once the kids move out, homeowner priorities start to shift. Some homeowners start to think more about recreation and entertaining. Others start to prepare for retirement and the years beyond. Whether your priorities are fun and fanciful or practical and forward thinking, your first few years as an empty nester represent the perfect time to remodel or build a new home. Below we've written our top 5 home features for new empty nesters.

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Do I Need a Designer and an Architect for My Custom Home?

Andrew Giannattasio | Mar 16, 2020


One of the first things that home buyers do once they've decided to build a home is shop around for design services. There are multiple ways to find a house designer. While architects can do the job, there are advantages to using design services from a design build contractor.

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6 Master Closet Ideas for Your New Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Feb 28, 2020


An organized closet makes for an organized home. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep your closet organized when you don't have the systems in place to contain your clothes, shoes and other personal items. If you're a new homeowner or if you're building your home, this is the perfect opportunity to optimize your master closet for storing and organizing your wardrobe and other miscellaneous items.

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How to Build a Custom Home on Your Own Lot

Andrew Giannattasio | Feb 17, 2020


It's the dream of many people to build a custom home on their own lot. A newly built home in a well-chosen location can easily become a forever home, or even a home that could be in the family for generations. Understanding the process of building a custom home on your own lot can make the experience a success.

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