6 Master Closet Ideas for Your New Home


An organized closet makes for an organized home. Unfortunately, it's hard to keep your closet organized when you don't have the systems in place to contain your clothes, shoes and other personal items. If you're a new homeowner or if you're building your home, this is the perfect opportunity to optimize your master closet for storing and organizing your wardrobe and other miscellaneous items. Working with your contractor, you can make your closet more functional and attractive at the same time.

1. Build In Some Room

Nothing impacts your ability to store and organize more than a closet that's just a little too small. If you're building your home, this is your chance to make your master closet large and spacious. Building in some room can give you some breathing space to store items like seasonal sweaters and shoes. Your contractor can help you decide just how large your master closet can realistically be, given the footprint of your home and other design priorities. A walk-in master closet should be at least 100 square feet for two users, but with more space, you'll have more options.


2. Install Custom Shelving

Custom shelving makes it easier to store smaller items and folded clothes without creating clutter. Custom shelving also makes it easier to organize items and access those items throughout the day. Since the shelves are customized, you can have them built to fit your needs. Custom shelving allows you to fit more in your closet without creating the feeling that the space is overflowing. Work with your contractor to build in custom shelves that fit your belongings. Drawers and other features can help you contain smaller clothing items like socks.


3. Use Tiered Hanging Rods

Tiered hanging rods with an upper rod and lower rod are useful for hanging shirts, jackets and folded over pants. If the majority of the items hanging in your closet are only as long as your shirts, then work with your contractor to create tiered hanging rods. Ask your contractor to include at least one tall-sized hanging rod for hanging dresses, robes and longer items.


4. Fill Floor Space with a Closet Island

A closet island enables you use the floor in the middle of your closet. Install your own closet island or ask your contractor to create a custom island. Be thoughtful about the design, including cabinets and drawers, to hold a wide variety of things.


5. Install Built-In Shoe Racks

Built-in shoe racks make it easier to keep your shoes organized. Never again will you find yourself searching for that matching boot. Shoe racks also prevent shoes and boots from being stacked on one another, thus keeping them in good condition. Work with your contractor to create shoe racks that will hold large and small shoes, including pumps and boots.


6. Use Baskets to Contain Clutter

Open shelving can start to look cluttered, especially in a closet. Purchase matching baskets to contain clutter and tidy the space. When you purchase matching baskets, buy a few extra just in case one or two are lost or damaged over time. This gives you some replacements, and you can use the extra baskets in your bedroom for a coordinating effect.


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