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9 Reasons Why Families are Moving to New Jersey

New Jersey draws families from all around the country, but especially from areas like New York City and Philadelphia. And it's no wonder! In a state filled with with natural beauty, outdoor entertainment, and family-friendly activities, New Jersey is a destination for families of all sizes and and types. Whether you're coming for the peace of the rural communities, or the excitement of the big city life, New Jersey has a little something for everyone.

1. Natural Beauty

From the Appalachian Trail to the Delaware Water Gap, Great Egg Harbor River to the New Jersey Pinelands, New Jersey is rich with natural beauty. Build your home and develop your family in an area surrounded by soaring trees, rolling hills, diverse wildlife, coastline, waterfalls and open skies.

You can choose the area you like based on the type of wildlife and nature you enjoy. Live on the coast to enjoy the wonders of the Atlantic ocean, or turn inland for a taste of our forest land. If you're an artist, you may enjoy painting or photographing our beautiful gardens, like Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton. If you have small children, take them somewhere stunning like Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, located in Paterson.

2. Family-Friendly Environment

New Jersey is a family-friendly environment for budding families and families with school-aged children. If you've got kids, you'll find the entertainment, educational opportunities and other family supports.

3. Coastline and Beaches

New Jersey boasts about 130 miles of shoreline and beaches, including sites and attractions such as:

  • Atlantic City - Made famous by the boardwalk and beaches, world-class entertainment options, and casino resorts, Atlantic City is an adult recreation paradise.
  • Cape May - This seaside resort at the tip of Cape May Peninsula is known for Victorian architecture, and shops and restaurants.

If you enjoy surf and sun, restaurants, volleyball, building sand castles or fishing off the side of a boat, you'll find what you want in our coastline and beaches.

4. Urban Culture

Do you like New York City, but want to avoid the steep rents in the area? Chew on this: the average rent in Manhattan is $4,208. The average rent in Newark, just 15 miles away, is $1,218. If you enjoy urban life and want access to New York without the costs, just imagine how much you could save if you simply moved to New Jersey.

5. Peace and Quiet in Rural Areas

New Jersey has some of the most beautiful countryside in the nation. From fields of strawberries and wheat to open grassland for horses, New Jersey's rural areas produce the food we eat and give us a place to retreat when we need somewhere peaceful to go. If you're looking for peace and far from city life, you'll find what you're looking for in New Jersey. Work with a custom home builder to create a farmhouse style home in a wooded retreat, away from the noise and complications of a large urban area.

6. History

New Jersey was founded in 1787. As one of the original 13 colonies, our state played an important role in the American revolution. Many important buildings from that era still stand today. If you love history, enjoy visiting historic sites and history museums, or you just love viewing historic architecture, you'll find endless entertainment in our state. Come see for yourself.

7. Accessibility

New Jersey is a hub of sorts, situated in between many other important locations on the east coast. Positioned between Philadelphia and New York, New Jersey is the perfect place to live if you have a job that takes you to both cities on a regular basis. New Jersey is also an easy drive from places like Washington DC.

8. Economic Opportunity

Our state is a place of economic opportunity! Retailers, farmers, financial advisors, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers and professors - all of them find a home here in NJ.

The top 10 industries in the state of New Jersey include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Life Sciences
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Healthcare

With a growing economy, many people come to New Jersey for economic reasons, either because they work here, or they work in a nearby state and want somewhere pleasant to settle down.

9. Every Season Brings Different - But Beautiful - Weather

If you enjoy a range of weather types, you'll be happy to know that we get a big range of weather types! We enjoy snow in the winter and hot sun in the summer, and a lot of variation in between.

When fall comes around, you'll feel crisp wind and cool temperatures that turn the leaves beautiful colors. In spring, our trees and flowers bud, the snow melts, and lawns and fields turn green.

With all of that variation in weather brings variation in outdoor activities. You'll enjoy sledding and snowman building in the winter, jet skiing and boating in the summer. Compared to South New Jersey, North and Central New Jersey get a little more rainfall and have slightly more extreme temperatures at the hottest and coldest times of year.

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New Jersey has more than you may realize hidden within its borders. Our state is a perfect place to settle down. Learn more about making New Jersey your new home. Contact GTG Builders LLC to schedule your first consultation today.

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