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Why Should I Work with a Custom Home Builder?

So, you've decided to construct your forever home in Hunterdon County. You're in the earliest stages of the process, and your future home is little more than a wish and a daydream. When you get started with the planning and design of your house, two options may stand out: production homes versus custom homes.

A production home is a home that's constructed from a standard layout, sold by developers and built with little input from the home buyer. A custom home is the opposite in nearly every way: it's a unique structure that's built to your specifications and made to satisfy your unique needs.

If you find yourself torn between these two choices, ask yourself: why settle for a one-size-fits-all floor plan? Most people decide to build their home because they want to satisfy their all of their preferences in one perfect structure. Why go halfway? While a standard layout may seem like a reasonable starting point, a customized approach allows you to achieve your ultimate building goal. Here's what you need to know.

Custom Home Builders Have Seen It All...And They've Got Ideas For You

It may be that you don't realize how much you would appreciate a custom home, or that you're not sure what it would take to make a custom home your dream house. Working with a custom home builder can be an eye-opening experience. A good builder knows what homeowners need, and can make recommendations based on the homeowner's age, family size, personal preferences and more.

Tips for Retirees or Empty Nesters

Mature homeowners—those with children in college, grandchildren or new hobbies to nurture—often assume fewer bedrooms is the way to go. This may not be the case. For example, an extra bedroom or two can be repurposed to accommodate an active, eclectic lifestyle.

Perhaps you can create an ultimate workout space that lets you prioritize your health and well-being. By simply hanging a television on the wall and investing in a stationary bike or treadmill, this domain can become a perfect athletic retreat. Likewise, if meditation, crafting or reading is more your style, fill the space with applicable resources and there you have it. Finally, if hosting little ones tops your to-do list, get some bunk beds and bean bags and create an interactive playroom.

Ideas for Accommodating Large Families or Guests

Homeowners with more than two children or who care for aging loved ones should also consider opting for a larger home with more rooms. A contemporary floor plans with four or five bedrooms and as many bathrooms lets everyone—including choosy teenagers and independent grandparents—feel well cared for. Also, if you live away from extended family, having extra bedrooms comes in handy when guests come to call. For a look at one of GTG’s large custom builds, check out this beauty in Short Hills, NJ.

A Custom Home Is a Forever Home

Production homes are good resting places, but they're not made to meet the needs of your family for decades to come. A good custom home is a forever home, built with your current and future circumstances in mind. Custom homes have enough space and extra rooms to accommodate your hobbies, children, potential live-in relatives, and the lifestyle that you like best.

After all, what production home builder will construct an extra-large garage to fit your wood shop? Or install a home theater for your viewing pleasure? What production home builder will design an extra large kitchen with double kitchen islands, perfect for your next Thanksgiving meal?

They won't, because this is not the nature of a production home. If you want those personalized touches to make your house truly yours, you'll need a custom home built to your specifications.

Custom Homes Can Be Passed Down from Generation to Generation

Well-built houses tend to stay in families. The house your children grow up in will be treasured, especially if they know that you built it just for them. Generations from now, your custom home may be the home-base of your great-great grand child.

Your Custom Home Won't Look Like Anyone Else's

Drive through a production home development in your area. Most of the homes will look the same. Production homes, though there may be some variation in design or materials, are usually assembled in development clusters, surrounded by homes that look much like theirs. Although this is practical, it can also be disheartening as a homeowner. Your house is a reflection of your self, your personality, of who you are. To live in a home that looks just like your neighbors, and the person's down the street, and everyone surrounding you for a mile, that can be a disappointment.

Working with a custom home builder, you'll be able to create a home that is all your own. It will look like something you want. It will be made from materials you appreciate. It will be a color you choose entirely on your own.

The interior layout will be nothing like your neighbor's. In fact, you may not even live anywhere close to your neighbors, as you can choose any lot in any location, not just a lot in a development.

Additional Resources for Customization Ideas

Still not sure if constructing a custom home is right for you? It helps to take stock of your lifestyle, current/future needs, budget and other important details. This requires tremendous effort and insight. There are many apps that can speed this process along, including:

  • – If technology doesn’t scare you and you want an in-depth, interactive process, this site generates intricate floor plans and brings images to life.
  • – Pair loads of educational material with free downloadable images and you get Oh, and you can also draw (and revise as necessary) until you find that perfect fit.
  • - Offering automatic templates and additional tools for arranging your ultimate house plan, this one makes personalization a snap. Even better, you’ll get free digital support if further assistance is required.

The Bottom Line

Production home builders prioritize quick construction with common and recognizable floor plans. This may be practical for homeowners on a budget, but if you want a more intimate approach, however, you’ll need to find a builder willing to customize.

More importantly, you’ll want one with experience in this arena, who understands that flexibility and open-mindedness are part of the package. With a buffet of useful resources, including budgeting assistance and a personal design professional, GTG Builders makes it exciting and fun to create your ideal forever home in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

GTG Builders believes that every homeowner deserves special attention, so we begin with a variety of customary floorplans to spark your interest but allow your vision to take the lead. Call today to make an appointment.Custom Home Guide [Free PDF]