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Why Hiring a New Jersey Home Builder is All About Trust


The process of building a home starts with the search for a good home builder. For some people, this process can be overwhelming. There are many home builders in New Jersey, but not all contractors are created equal. It comes down to trust. Hiring a contractor you can trust makes building a home a rewarding experience. When the process is finished, you'll have a forever home.

Why Trust Is Important

The contractor you choose to build your home will have a lasting impact on your life for years to come. Quality construction makes all the difference. A well-built home is a safe, reliable structure where you, your children, grandchildren, and loved ones can spend countless happy hours together.

Your home is also your greatest investment. Over the course of your lifetime, you'll put thousands of dollars into your home. Errors or defects in construction can have a long reach into your future, costing money and peace of mind. It's critically important to hire a contractor who inspires confidence and trust from the very beginning.

Find a NJ Home Builder You Can Trust

The search for a trustworthy New Jersey home builder starts with in-person meetings with reputable home building firms in your area. Meet with each contractor to ask questions that provide insight into the contractor's business practices and home building experience. Ask questions such as:

  • How long have you been building homes?
  • How many projects do you work on at one time?
  • Do you work with employees or subcontractors?
  • Do you offer a warranty?
  • Do you offer design services?
  • Do you have references?

Discuss your plans for your future home. As you tell the builder about your ideas, take notice of the way the contractor makes you feel. The best builders can put you at ease by listening carefully, taking good notes and making constructive suggestions.

Consider Reputation

The most reputable contractors often have long-lived businesses that have received recognitions from local or national organizations. To check reputation, start with the contractor's website. Mentions of awards and affiliations with local trade organizations is a sign that a builder is invested in their business and cares about the quality of their work.

Testimonials can also help you gauge a contractor's reputation in the community. The words of previously satisfied customers, linked to pictures of the contractor's work, can help you judge how that contractor interacts with its customers and manages building projects.

View the Portfolio

Contractors spend years developing their portfolio to show off their greatest work. When you're looking at a builder's website, take a careful look at pictures of the contractor's previous building projects. Take notice of the builder's style, the quality of their work and attention to detail.

Check References

Before hiring a builder, always check at least three references. Discussions with previous customers often satisfy any feelings of uncertainty or misgivings, if the builder is a trustworthy contractor. When checking references, ask questions such as:

  • When did you work with this builder?
  • Would you hire this builder again?
  • What was the scope of the job?
  • How did this builder manage challenges encountered on the job?

Get Started Today, Contact GTG Home Builders

Hire a builder you can trust. GTG Home Builders is a second-generation, family-run business. For 65 years, we've built quality homes for the people of New Jersey. Contact us today to get started with your home building project.

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