5 Bathroom Design Ideas for Your New Jersey Custom Home

Designing a custom home comes with a lot of decisions. Luckily, half the fun of creating your perfect domain lies in scanning new trends to uncover all the bells and whistles you want to add. Gadgets, lighting, flooring and layout can all influence the feel and flow of your space, especially when it comes to bathrooms. Highly functional with potential for sleek aesthetics, a carefully-constructed bathroom can elevate the mood of your space. So, if you’re struggling to nail down the look of one or more bathrooms in your custom home, fret no further. Here’s a look at a few goodies 2019 has to offer:

Statement Mirrors


Wall-to-wall mirrors can date a room quicker than anything. Sure, they can also serve a purpose, but no longer do designers wish to fill a wall with reflective material. Instead, you might look at mirrors similarly to a backsplash—a lovely chance to add personality. As such, you can use smaller, unique mirrors to add excitement and elegance to a bathroom.

Statement Mirrors in Farmhouse Bathroom in Hunterdon County

With thick frames and bold colors, current mirror trends seek to start a conversation. You can even pair the perfect mirror with a textured wallpaper or sleek shelves. If you prefer large mirrors but want to stay current, you can always add a fun frame. Natural wood mounts complement dark walls and matte black hardware, and metal or metallic frames can add a little drama to a mostly neutral space.


Dramatic Light Fixtures

You likely already know that lighting can make or break a room. Any room. In the bathroom, however, this idea rings especially true since you no doubt rely on this space to get yourself ready each morning and evening. So it bears repeating—bathroom lighting means everything. Sure, you can create enough light with three-unit pieces above a mirror, and the look will hold its own.

Glass Chandelier in Traditional Bathroom in Hunterdon County NJ

If you want to go a step further, though, and you have a penchant for glamour, consider a chandelier instead. You can opt for a large central piece or an offset glimmer above a free-standing bathtub. If you shy away from excessive sparkle but want a strong statement nonetheless, look for a more casual chandelier with shells, beads or metal. Whatever you decide, the effect is sure to change the face of the all the ways that matter.


Space, Space and More Space

Frameless Shower in luxury bathroom in Hunterdon County NJ

While you can certainly get away with small half-baths or a cozy guest bathroom, a master bathroom demands more breathing room. In this way, you might consider shaving off a foot or two in other areas to ensure you have enough square footage for a sizable master retreat. Think dual vanity areas and a frame-less glass shower. Some homeowners—in their quest for more functional space—choose to place the closets in this zone, as well. You can get creative with meeting your needs, but whatever you do, take the time and get this one right. You won’t regret it.


Exposed Hardware

Exposed plumbing in traditional bathroom remodel in Hunterdon County NJ

When it comes to industrial touches, you can’t go wrong in any room. For the bathroom, you can ditch under-the-sink cabinets for a peek at the shiny hardware beneath. Complement the look with a metal-framed mirror and you have a designer’s dream. If you need the storage space, however, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate a similar style. From chunky towel holders to a complete industrial takeover, here are some interesting ways to mind your metals.


Interesting Subway Tile

Subway tile shower in contemporary bathroom in Hunterdon County NJ

Relatively inexpensive and endlessly versatile, subway tile deserves all the buzz it gets. Although simple white rectangles contrasted with dark grout can make any bathroom more appealing, many of today’s options involve varying patterns and geometric shapes. If you like an aquatic vibe, you can use calming greens and blues, or channel the exotic with a herringbone pattern. In addition, while tile makes the most sense around a bathtub or shower, don't be afraid to show off and extend the pattern across the room.

With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find one that completes your vision.


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