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Should I Build a Custom Home in 2020?

If you've ever owned a pre-owned home before, you know the drawbacks. The layout is never quite right. The storage space is never quite enough. There's always something you would change, either about the appearance, functionality, placement, neighborhood or other factors that are beyond your control.

You can avoid all those problems by choosing to build a custom home. Working with an experienced contractor, you can create a house made entirely for you, down to the very last board and stone.

Why a Custom Home?

Compared to semi-custom or spec homes, custom homes take more time to build and are more labor intensive. So why build a custom home?

  • Complete personalization. Never again will you look at some aspect of your house and say, "I wouldn't have picked to do it that way myself, but..."
  • Reduced maintenance for years. You pick more than just the layout when you build a custom home: you also choose the quality. With all new, high-quality fixtures, you'll enjoy less maintenance for years into the future.
  • Superior craftsmanship. Custom homes are the most prestigious homes, with superior craftsmanship that lasts for generations.
  • Total convenience. When you create a custom home, you can choose the convenience options that will improve quality of life for you and your loved ones.

What to Expect During the Build Process

From start to finish, the process of building a custom home can take 9 months or more. Below are steps you can expect during the planning and building process.

  • Secure financing. If you need financing, shop around until you can find a lender that's right for you.
  • Buy a plot of land. Work with a land planner or your builder to help you decide which property will meet your needs, based on the goals for your home.
  • Hire a builder. Look at the portfolio, check licensure and check references before hiring the right design build contractor.
  • Finalize plans. You may go through many drafts before settling on the design that's right for you.
  • Construction. Building can take months, but if your plan is well-conceived and no significant changes are made midway through, this process may proceed without major delays.

What Are Your Home Building Goals?

Before you decide whether to build a custom home in 2020, make a list of goals for your future home. Fireplace? In-ground pool? Laundry chutes? Game room? What do you want for your custom home? Make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves, to help you decide if now is the time to create your forever home.

More importantly, know your personal goals for yourself. Most homeowners build their custom home with plans to stay there for a lifetime. Without firm future goals in mind (more children? pets?), you could easily build a home you would soon outgrow.

Take this time to have a conversation with your spouse, members of your household and other relatives. Do envision yourself inviting a senior loved one to live with you someday? Should you construct a home with an in-law apartment in the backyard, or attached to the house? Have all of these discussions before you decide whether 2020 is the year to build your forever home.

How Can You Get Started?

Early in the process of building a custom home, find a custom home builder you can trust. Work with a licensed professional with a reputation for excellence and a portfolio to match. GTG Builders LLC has been creating beautiful custom homes for the people of New Jersey for over 65 years. Contact us for a consultation and to find out more about the custom home building process.


Custom Home Guide [Free PDF]