Maximizing Your Custom Home for Entertaining

Andrew Giannattasio | May 13, 2019


One of the most fulfilling aspects of having your home custom-built is designing a domain that magnifies your values. If you live to entertain, this can mean generating unique spaces that make guests feel relaxed, embraced, and charmed. Here are a few ways to make your home a hub of vivacity and personal connection.

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The 5 Best Golf Courses Near Long Beach Island in New Jersey

Andrew Giannattasio | May 06, 2019

As summer rounds the corner and you look for ways to spend those long, sunny afternoons, remember that Long Beach Island has long been a golfer's paradise. Not to mention, rumor has it sea air improves your swing. So, grab your clubs and check out these majestic greens by the water.

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Making the Move to LBI: 5 Things to Think About

Andrew Giannattasio | Mar 30, 2019

Moving to Long Beach Island on a permanent basis can sound like a dream come true. Instead of traveling to the surf and the sand, you will have the seaside right outside your front door. Before you relocate permanently to LBI, take note of the differences between vacationing at the shore and living there year-round.

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12 Restaurants to Try Out on LBI

Andrew Giannattasio | Mar 02, 2019

Long Beach Island has been affectionately referred to as a “Beach Lovers’ Paradise” for good reason. LBI boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast with a natural landscape that has avoided being overrun by tacky resorts.

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Living on Long Beach Island: Real Estate Trends

Andrew Giannattasio | Jan 10, 2019

Building a new home in Long Beach Island can be one of the best real estate investments you will ever make in your lifetime. Consisting of 18 miles of beautiful white sand beaches, LBI has become one of the most coveted areas to live in all of New Jersey. Up until the 1960s, LBI had a reputation of being an offbeat destination for the working class. At the time, the properties on LBI were mostly bungalow style houses and Cape Cods. For the last 50 years as the need for vacation homes has grown tremendously, the face of LBI has changed completely. LBI has become an upscale location with more and more outdated properties being replaced by larger, modern homes. The amenities have changed as well in LBI. In years past, a significant number of new businesses have opened their doors—including day spas, five-star seafood restaurants, boutiques, and wine bars.

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