Are You Ready to Build a Custom Home?

There may be nothing more satisfying than designing your own home. Knowing that every aspect of your home is yours, designed and selected by you, makes it a special place. It becomes a part of yourself, a member of your family.

Although building a custom home is a truly powerful experience, not everyone is ready to take on this kind of project, which can be lengthy and complicated. Below, we've listed some questions that you should ask yourself as you decide whether this is the right time for you to build your dream home.


Do You Have the Time?

After purchasing land and securing financing, a custom home can take most of a year to complete, and every step requires you and your loved ones to make important decisions. Design choices and material selection are just a few of the many decisions you'll need to make as the home is constructed. Each step requires planning, often with multiple parties involved.

You can make the process a little easier by working with a custom home builder. An experienced, full-service contractor will know how to streamline the design process, and help you anticipate choices that will need to be made down the road. A good contractor will also coach you through the process, which can make some steps easier.

Even with the help of an expert, you should still be prepared to dedicate your time to the planning process. The rewards are well worth it.

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Can You Afford It?

Good budgeting is crucial for someone who would like to build a custom home. Without a strong plan and a well-conceived budget, it's easy to run into funding problems. Before you're ready to build, you must have a solid plan in place.


Custom home building costs vary, spanning anywhere from $100 to $400 per square foot. How will you know how much your custom home will cost? Meet with a reputable custom home builder who can listen to your needs and provide an estimate.


If you plan to get a loan for your custom home, start contacting lenders in your area early. Standard mortgages cannot be used to purchase a structure that has not yet been constructed. You'll need a short-term loan called a construction loan. Once the home is built, you can transfer your construction loan to a permanent mortgage.

Shop Around

You can control costs by shopping around for the right contractor, right loan, right piece of property. Shopping around is one of the reasons that home building takes so much time: it's important to get everything just right before signing the dotted line.

What Are Your Goals?

Before getting started with the search for a contractor, know what you want from your custom home. This will likely involve long discussions with other members of your household.

Are you planning to have children or more children? Do you plan to live with an older relative someday? Is aging in place important to you? What activities will you be doing at home, and how can your home accommodate those activities? What are your priorities? Know the answers to these questions before contacting contractors in your area.

Find the Right Contractor

Before getting started, find the right custom home builder. GTG Builders LLC has been in business for over 65 years. With award-winning service and a pristine reputation in the community, we can help you with the entire building process, from budgeting to completion. If you're ready to get started, contact us today to make an appointment for a free consultation.


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