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How Much Does a Home Wine Cellar Cost?

Andrew Giannattasio | Jun 09, 2020

For a wine aficionado, a home wine cellar is a wonderful investment. A well-built wine cellar will help you create the right environment for storing your many bottles. Some storage rooms can be installed for just a few thousand dollars, others require an investment of tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.

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7 Design Ideas For Your Home Wine Cellar

Andrew Giannattasio | Jun 08, 2020

A wine cellar is one of the most pleasing features that you can install in your new custom home. Whether it's a little nook under your stairs or an oasis in your basement, your wine cellar is designed to be a place of retreat and luxury.

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Custom Home Design: Should I Start from Scratch or With a Stock Plan?

Andrew Giannattasio | Jun 03, 2020

You’ve decided you are going to build a new home. Not just any home, but one that is fully customized to your unique lifestyle. But where and how to start?

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Ten Ideas for Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Andrew Giannattasio | May 13, 2020

Undeniably one of the most dominant rooms in the home, your kitchen has a big job to do. More importantly, it must meet the practical needs of your family while stationing itself as the forefront of social interaction. In short, its functionality and style should come together in cosmic harmony, showcasing your family’s personality in thoughtful design.

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Investing on Long Beach Island: What You Need to Know [Updated for 2020]

Andrew Giannattasio | May 04, 2020

Long Beach Island is a place of natural beauty and valuable real estate. With sandy beaches, beautiful sunsets and salty air, Long Beach Island is a summer paradise that has long attracted home buyers and real estate investors. Many buyers choose to rent their property to vacation-goers in the summer, and live in their property the rest of the year. For these property owners, summer rental income helps pay the mortgage, and support a relaxed island lifestyle throughout the fall, winter and spring.

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Rebuilding Your Home After an Insurance Claim

Andrew Giannattasio | May 04, 2020

Following a disaster like a fire or a flood, most homeowners immediately turn to their insurance company for help. They go through a claims process, find a contractor, and begin the process of rebuilding their home. If you've recently been through a disaster, whether it was a home fire or a recent storm, you've got a long road ahead of you. Rebuilding consists of many steps. Knowing the process can help you anticipate each step and can also help you make smart decisions as you navigate this challenging time.

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