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The Complete Guide to an Energy-Efficient Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Sep 14, 2020

Building and designing a New Jersey high-performance home is a multi-faceted process. Energy-efficient home features not only make a positive environmental impact, but they also offer long-term savings on utility costs. With new construction, the good news is you can incorporate high-performance building materials from the beginning without having to do an extensive remodel in the future.

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7 Things to Have in a Custom Home for Entertaining Guests

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 31, 2020

Not all homes are suitable for entertaining. The most suitable homes have open spaces, lots of light, places for seating and standing, and luxuries that make the home a welcoming place for guests. The best way to make your home suitable for entertaining is to build it from scratch, and to design it with entertaining in mind. When it is safe to host guests again, these tips can help you create a perfect house for parties and get-togethers with groups big and small.

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10 Things to Consider for Your Custom Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 10, 2020

A large portion of your custom home costs come in the form of upgrades, and while some can fulfill niche preferences, others withstand the test of time and add lasting value to your property. Here's a look at additions that are worth every penny.

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Rebuilding After the Fire: A Success Story

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 03, 2020

A disaster can happen to anyone. But, as long as everyone stays safe, there will always be hope and a chance to rebuild. We wanted to share a success story from one of our clients after their home was destroyed in a fire. From this devastation, the clients received their dream home, rebuilt to meet all of their wants and needs.

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Custom Home Design: Should I Start from Scratch or With a Stock Plan?

Andrew Giannattasio | Jun 03, 2020

You’ve decided you are going to build a new home. Not just any home, but one that is fully customized to your unique lifestyle. But where and how to start?

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Building a Custom Home in Hunterdon County: What You Need to Know

Andrew Giannattasio | Dec 02, 2019

Whether you grew up in Hunterdon County or find yourself in the fortunate position of having relocated to this northeastern gem, fewer communities have more to offer--from endless acres of wildlife ranges and parks to apple orchards, bountiful vineyards and nearby coastlines.

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