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Designing Your Custom Home for Resale in New Jersey

If you built a custom home but find yourself needing to relocate, you may wonder what steps you can take to expedite the selling process and maximize your home's appeal. On the up side, with a recently-built house, you can likely avoid high-cost updates like HVAC systems, foundation repairs, window replacement, or plumbing reconfigurations.

Nonetheless, it never hurts to do a once-over and highlight the home's strong points. While kitchen and bathroom upgrades will always optimize resale value, here's a look at other ways to make your property stand out.

#1 Exterior Touch-Ups

You'd be surprised how far a little paint and some well-placed flowers will go. If your home has stayed in fighting shape structurally but you want to add pizazz, consider a pop of color on the front door (yellow and orange are the season's standouts). To go along with this idea, plant eye-catching flowers by the entry, along a walkway, or in giant pots out front. And if exterior paint has started to chip or fade, experts warn not to underestimate the power of a first impression.

A relatively inexpensive venture (a gallon of paint covers up to 400 square feet), taking the time to polish the exterior will pay off big time when potential buyers show up.

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#2 Basement/Attic Remodels

Homebuyers will swoon over a neatly renovated basement or attic. You can turn it into a guest space, study, workout zone or media room. Whatever you choose, consumers love having extra space that's not part of the central floor plan. Remember however, when generating new spaces make sure to avoid bright colors or overly-themed decor, as it can scare people away (an extra room that requires remodeling can easily become a deficit).


#3 Outdoor Living Spaces

If you've neglected the backyard, take heed. Adding a patio, deck or porch has an average rate of return of more than 90 percent. The people have spoken; outdoor space is as vital as the indoors. Whether you have a small courtyard, expansive green space or average tree-and-grass lawn, you can make the most out of it (without draining your savings account).

backyard with patio and rockwall

With bold plants, charming furniture, sophisticated lighting, and perhaps a fire pit, you can give your yard all the splendor it deserves. And with summer on its way, highlighting your home's outdoor potential can only serve to entice party-hungry buyers eager to entertain friends and family.


#4 Window Treatments

Never underestimate the power of expertly-trimmed windows. Especially if your kitchen sports a window over the sink or an offset sunroom, make the glass pop with a sleek, complementary treatment. You can keep it classic with Roman shades or make it unique with beads or a weathered-wood awning. Whatever you land on, make sure it adds to the overall effect and doesn't overtake the space. Nothing upsets balance like heavy, dark-colored curtains in an under-lit room or bold designs in a cluttered space, so seek professional assistance if necessary, but aim to get the window treatments on point.

As a final thought, you don't have to spend thousands to get your home noticed. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can make selling your custom home a snap. Check out this helpful video we've created below, which details the 2 mistakes to avoid when planning your custom home.

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