Build a Home That’s Great for Entertaining

Not all homes are suitable for entertaining. The most suitable homes have open spaces, lots of light, places for seating and standing, and luxuries that make the home a welcoming place for guests. The best way to make your home suitable for entertaining is to build it from scratch, and to design it with entertaining in mind. These tips can help you create a perfect house for parties and get-togethers with groups big and small.

Opt for the Open (or Semi-Open) Layout

Open layouts have gotten a lot of positive attention in recent years. These layouts are especially helpful if you enjoy entertaining.

  • Open layouts make your home feel spacious during parties.
  • Lighting open spaces is often easier, without walls in place to create shadows.
  • Guests find mingling more enjoyable when walking around in an open layout home.

When the music is turned up, an open layout also enables all guests to enjoy the same songs and great atmosphere.

Not sure you're ready for an entirely open concept? Some people like knowing they can create a sense of privacy when the party ends. Opt for sliding doors that can be opened for parties, then closed again to create a sense of cozy seclusion during everyday life. In the kitchen, install a bar with sliding countertop doors. When the fun begins, open the doors and serve the guests over the counter.

Make it Look Inviting

The entryway to your home is the first thing your guests will see, so make it look inviting. A few hooks on the walls, a comfortable built-in bench to one side and a hanging lantern or chandelier over the door makes your entryway look warm and welcoming.

Build Entertainment-Focused Inside Spaces

Create several "seating zones" inside your home where guests can sit down and enjoy each other's company. Work with your contractor to create a unique footprint for your home, with several nooks where intimate conversations can take place. An out-of-the way dining area or a cozy seating room just to one side makes it easier for small groups to have in-depth conversations.

Install Mood Lighting

Parties that take place during the day rely on natural lighting from large windows and French doors. At night, lighting options must be flexible for each type of party or event. Install multiple types of lights in each room, layering lights to give you more options. Some parties need bright lights to see, other parties are best held in a darker, more intimate space. Work with your contractor to discuss options and install various light fixtures such as recessed lighting, pendant lighting, chandeliers and more.

Develop Outside Space

Especially in spring and summer, outside space is just as important as inside space. Install a deck or patio with an outdoor kitchen, including built-in benches, bar, refrigerator, prep sink and other luxuries. A fire pit completes the look and makes your outdoor space perfect for night and daytime events. Work with your contractor to ensure that outdoor space includes a covered area and extra electrical outlets to give you flexibility no matter what event is taking place.

Your contractor can help you decide which lighting is best for evening entertaining. Outdoor lighting can be just as sophisticated as indoor lighting, with layered lights creating a sense of occasion. Garden lighting, lantern lighting and stairway lighting helps the space feel intimate while also enabling guests to walk around your property once the sun goes down.

Hire the Right Contractor

Start making your dream home today. Contact a custom home builder 65 years experience and a record of excellence with the homeowners of New Jersey. Contact GTG Builders LLC to discuss your plans for a home that is great for entertaining. 


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