Worth the Splurge: What to Include in Your Custom Home

A large portion of your custom home costs come in the form of upgrades, and while some can fulfill niche preferences, others withstand the test of ownership and add lasting value to your property. Here's a look at additions worth every penny.

Outdoor Living and Entertainment

Perhaps the most significant way to make your property stand out, elevating the outdoors can bring countless hours of lasting entertainment. Plus, when done right, a well-crafted backyard retreat acts as an extension to your home (except you don't have to pay for climate control). A spacious deck, children's play area, outdoor kitchen, or lavish swimming pool can go a long way toward making your home staycation ready. And if you choose high-quality materials that complement the indoor designs (treated wood, stunning patio furniture, high-end lighting), the space will enhance property value and bring you lasting joy.

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Wine Storage

Spending extra to heighten your culinary experience will consistently make your home both more livable and marketable. While modern homeowners want large kitchen islands, custom cabinetry and top-tier countertops, those upgrades go without saying. To go a step beyond these luxuries, why not consider a space for the finer things in wine?

Depending on your layout and wine supply, you can create a designated space in the basement, display a glass-enclosed cellar in a dining room, or manufacture a wine-centric area from an existing room (just add wine cabinetry and a sitting table). If you're serious about keeping wine in peak shape, however, don't forget to consider how temperature and light can affect it. For example, excess sunlight can warp the taste, so ensure any space you use for storage doesn't include a lot of windows.


Steam Room

Gaining in popularity as people prioritize health and well-being, steam rooms not only have numerous health benefits but can add a spa-like quality to your space. These warm, humid-rich enclosures can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and illuminate your skin.

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A Hidden Room

For those looking to add an element of mystery and fun to their home, consider a secret room. Modern home designers have been highlighting the appeal of these covert spaces for years now, with ideas like hidden libraries, speak-easy style bars, and movie theatrelofts floating around home interior forums. And if you want the space to fill a more practical purpose, you can opt for a safe room, reading nook, or unde-the-stairs storage space. Whatever you choose, make sure it adds a little whimsy and magic to your living space.


Upstairs Laundry Room

Notably less exciting than a secret room, an upstairs laundry room can still fulfill a need while adding style to the area. Especially if your home includes upstairs bedrooms, anything that lets you avoid another trip up and down the stairs is worth thinking about.


To further enhance the room, consider including a window (no one wants to fold laundry in a cave), custom cabinets, or even a sink. Who knows...with the right accessories, you can add a hidden door and kill two birds with one stone.

So, if average doesn't apply to you, make your custom home a little more spectacular with these lavish additions.

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