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10 Things to Consider for Your Custom Home

A large portion of your custom home costs come in the form of upgrades, and while some can fulfill niche preferences, others withstand the test of time and add lasting value to your property. Here's a look at additions that are worth every penny.

#1 Outdoor Living and Entertainment

Elevate your outdoor space to bring countless hours of lasting entertainment. When done right, a well-crafted backyard retreat acts as an extension to your home.

A spacious deck, children's play area, outdoor kitchen, or lavish swimming pool can go a long way toward making your home staycation-ready. And if you choose high-quality materials that complement the indoor designs (treated wood, stunning patio furniture, high-end lighting), the space will enhance property value while bringing you lasting joy.


#2 Wine Storage

Love wine tasting? Spend extra on a wine storage area to make your home more livable and marketable. While modern homeowners want large kitchen islands, custom cabinetry and top-tier countertops, those upgrades go without saying. To go a step beyond these luxuries, why not consider a space for sampling the finer things in wine?

Depending on your layout and wine supply, you can create a designated space in the basement, display a glass-enclosed cellar in a dining room, or manufacture a wine-centric area in an existing room (just add wine cabinetry and a sitting table).

If you're serious about keeping wine in peak shape, don't forget to consider how temperature and light can affect your collection. For example, excess sunlight can change the taste. The wine storage area you design should have no windows and a stable, cool temperature year-round. For more information on wine storage and building a custom wine cellar, visit our wine blog


#3 Steam Room

Gaining in popularity as people prioritize health and well-being, steam rooms have numerous health benefits and add a spa-like quality to your luxury home. These warm, humidity-rich enclosures can improve circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and make your skin glow.

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#4 A Hidden Room

Add an element of mystery and fun to your home with a secret room. Modern home designers have been highlighting the appeal of these covert spaces for year, with mention of hidden libraries, speak-easy style bars, and movie theatre lofts floating around home building forums.

And if you want the space to fill a more practical purpose, you can opt for a safe room, reading nook, a dog-friendly spot, spor under-the-stairs storage space. Whatever you choose, make sure it adds a little whimsy and magic to your living space.


#5 Upstairs Laundry Room

Notably less exciting than a secret room, an upstairs laundry room can still fulfill a need while adding style to the area. Especially if your home includes upstairs bedrooms, anything that prevents an extra trip up and down the stairs is worth considering.

To further enhance the space, build a window, custom cabinets, or even a sink. Who knows...with the right accessories, you can add a hidden door and kill two birds with one stone.

So, if average doesn't apply to you, make your custom home a little more spectacular with these lavish additions to your laundry room


#6 Customized Designer Dressing Space

Are you tired of digging clothes out of a crowded closet in the morning? It seems like there's never enough space, even in walk-in style closets. That's why you need a customized designer dressing space. This room-like closet with wall-to-wall built-in cabinets, drawers, hanging bars and open shelving provides all the space in the world for storing hats, coats, clothes, pants, shoes and more. Ask your contractor to install a range of lighting options to make digging through your many dressers and chests easier.

If the room is large enough, install the most luxurious feature of all: an island in the middle of the room, with extra space for storing shoes, jewelry and other accessories. Do yourself a favor and leave extra space for a chair or two, so friends or family members can sit to watch if you're trying on clothes and need a second opinion.


#7 Home Gym

Is fitness important to you? Install a home gym with space for at least three or four exercise machines, built-in televisions for watching your favorite workout routines, and a space in the center of the room for cardio.

Home gyms need especially good ventilation to stay cool, to prevent you from overheating during your daily exercise. If you also enjoy listening to loud music while you work out, ask your contractor to insulate the walls well, to stop the sound from bothering other members of your family.


#8 Home Bar

Do you enjoy entertaining? What about savoring spirits or wine? Install a home bar for your home parties and family get-togethers. Install customized shelving for holding bottles and displaying glasses. Work with your contractor to find a decorative stone slab made from an usual, high-end material, like blue marble or maybe agate.

Install draft spigots and a sink for washing out dishes. Finally, furnish the area with unusual fixtures like a table made from a cask of wine, or a restaurant-style booth.


#9 Indoor Swimming Pool

Swimming indoors is truly the ultimate luxury. Install a covered pool room for taking a quick dip, and a hot tub for warming up after your swim is finished. Your contractor will need to ensure that your home's ventilation system can keep your swimming room at the proper humidity without creating a mold issue. Work with a contractor with knowledge of indoor pool installation to get this project started.


#10 Game Room

If you love entertainment, games and having fun, take your home one step further by installing a game room where you can hold poker tournaments, play pool, perfect your ping-pong arm or play video games with friends. Bring your game room to the next level by installing a theater area for watching movies or playing your video games on the big screen. You may also want to consider a great home insurance company.


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