Ten Ideas for Designing the Perfect Kitchen

Undeniably one of the most dominant rooms in the home, your kitchen has a big job to do. More importantly, it must meet the practical needs of your family while stationing itself as the forefront of social interaction. In short, its functionality and style should come together in cosmic harmony, showcasing your family’s personality in thoughtful design.

So, when it comes to maximizing this master space in your Hunterdon County custom home, here’s a look at all the wonders today’s trends have to offer:


#1 Statement Backsplashes

Gone are the days when the apt term backsplash referred only to that conspicuous space above the stove. No, today’s statement tile demands to be seen as more than target practice for bacon grease and tomato sauce overspray.

From rustic farmhouse patterns to metallic industrial options, you’ll want these eye-catching tiles to stay front and center. Indeed, easy-to-wipe materials make above-the-stove placement ideal, but you can also extend the boundaries across the entire back wall. Better yet, consider sneaking in whimsical patterns behind a coffee station or under open shelving. Really, you can't go wrong either way.

#2 Bold Cabinetry

Across interior design websites, a clear pattern emerges—stark white is out. No longer will homeowners wince when dirty hands graze the wall, painted top to bottom in gleaming hospital matte. Instead, you can find peace knowing routinely-touched items (aka cabinet doors) will mask blemishes with vivid hues. 

It might seem like too much, too massive a move, but think about it. If you pair black cabinetry with natural wood finishes or gold hardware, the atmosphere lightens, maintaining the airy feel of a springtime cottage or the glamour of city living. And if you just can't go there, it's okay. Landing on sage green or blue/gray will still keep your cabinets on trend, and if you have the notion, try a two-tone approach. Going darker on the low cabinets and lighter on the high ones can help you ease into a color-filled room.


#3 Industrial Everything

Breaking up the room with industrial pieces has long been considered chic, but the movement has only gained momentum these last few years. At this point, people are taking the industrial look a step further, using hearty metals on sinks and countertops as well as shelves.

Industrial Kitchen in Custom Home in Hunterdon County NJ

Not only can this look create balance, but concrete countertops and copper sinks can withstand a beating, making your kitchen indestructibly beautiful. And of course, wrought iron open shelves serve two functions. They let you display family china or complementary plates, and they open up small spaces to keep views unobstructed.


#4 Pantries Reimagined

You need an area to store dry food and goods, seldom-used appliances, and those Christmas plates you forgot you had. Sure, an island with extra storage capacity can help, but nothing compares to a well-organized, spacious pantry.

Fortunately, modern builders know a walk-in pantry can seal the deal, so they’ve stepped up their game in recent years. Created to maximize efficiency and avoid clutter, today’s kitchen closets come with easy-to-maneuver shelving, statement doors, and even cabinets.

Plus, since this space acts as an extension of the kitchen, don't forget to have fun with it. Play with color schemes and hardware to find that perfect fit. 


#5 Natural Light

With moody colors and dramatic patterns all the rage, something should offset the tone of your modern kitchen. What better way to temper the space than a beam of warm sunlight? True, well-placed interior lights can elevate any kitchen, but nothing wakes you up and renews the soul like natural brightness.

So, if you love enjoying morning coffee while admiring the landscape, remember to insist on an expansive set of kitchen windows. And if you crave distraction while rinsing dishes or cutting vegetables, don’t forget that little opening above the sink.

To learn more about our approach to kitchen design, download our free kitchen  design guide.

#6 High Tech

You knew this was coming. Today’s devices can make any kitchen endeavor more convenient and approachable, and they aren’t difficult to integrate. Souped-up refrigerators come with touch screens, Wi-Fi capability and interior cameras, to name a few. Ovens and microwaves keep getting smarter and more efficient, as do dishwashers.

What’s more, you can access and manage many of today’s kitchen appliances from your smart phone. How’s that for handy? Click here to read more about the latest in smart home trends. 


#7 Colorful Cabinets

Adding more color to cabinets is the latest trend in kitchen design. Bold color choices, including blues and greens, are becoming the top choices when installing new kitchen cabinets. Modern kitchen styles can include colorful cabinets with minimal ornamentation to highlight the beauty of the cabinetry.

Another technique to create an eye-appealing kitchen décor is the installation of two-tone cabinets. One way to achieve this look is to have your top and bottom cabinets painted in two different tones. Another option is to use two different types of kitchen cabinets to create contrast. For instance, a formal kitchen could have cabinets with a dark wood stain interspersed with sections of black painted cabinetry.

Conversely, less color is sometimes more when designing your kitchen. Shaker style cabinets with a neutral stain or a light color are simple, yet stunning. For instance, white shaker style cabinets offer timeless elegance with a style that can be blended with other types of kitchen décor. White shaker style cabinets will have doors with little to no adornments and recessed panels.

Painted cabinets are preferred for those looking for a clean aesthetic for their kitchens. Painted cabinets have a sleek finished appearance that can’t be achieved through staining. Painted cabinets are a draw for homeowners who aren’t particularly fond of the character marks found on wood cabinetry. However, if you prefer to see the grain of the wood cabinets, stained cabinets are definitely the way to go.


#8 Custom Hardware

Cabinet hardware offers the perfect opportunity to customize your new kitchen. Brass and gold hardware has become increasingly popular since the style is ideal for transitional kitchens. For modern kitchens, you could choose leather handles for your cabinetry.

To give your kitchen a unique style, consider non-traditional shapes for kitchen hardware pieces. Cup pulls, v-shaped pulls and hexagonal knobs add a vibe of both modern and traditional.


#9 Open Shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen allows you to showcase all of the beautiful items you typically tuck away in your cabinets. While traditional cabinets are utilized for food storage, open shelving is created to display your favorite china pieces, earthenware, fine wine, flowers and more. Placement for open shelves will depend on your layout preferences but are traditionally set over a kitchen sink or range top.


#10 Pendant Lighting

Good lighting is a must when designing a new kitchen. To start, add a good amount of natural light with the inclusion of a large picture window. Interesting lighting fixtures will make a significant impact on the appearance of your kitchen. Add a lot of drama by choosing pendant lights and chandeliers. Lights with gold or brass detail can elevate the appearance of any kitchen style.

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