Maximizing Your Custom Home for Entertaining


One of the most fulfilling aspects of having your home custom-built is designing a domain that magnifies your values. If you live to entertain, this can mean generating unique spaces that make guests feel relaxed, embraced, and charmed. Here are a few ways to make your home a hub of vivacity and personal connection.

Focus on Lighting

Appropriate lighting not only illuminates the space but sets the ideal mood for any occasion. Often an underestimated element, lighting demands a knowing hand, and designers warn against letting your builder provide a standard package. Not to mention, going back after-the-fact to update fixtures and such can cost thousands.

To make room for all party possibilities, ensure lighting options vary. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to opt for adjustable recess lighting that lets you create an ambiance for casual brunches, elegant dinners, or spontaneous game nights. If you prefer formal entertaining, consider statement pieces like chandeliers.

Finally, be aware of how many outlets you’ll need in every room. Lamps and other fixtures will dictate a suitable location (near the floor or higher set for furniture), and remember to accommodate Holiday décor and lighting.

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Elevate Kitchen and Dining Spaces

Guests love congregating around a large kitchen island stocked with whimsical appetizers and bubbly refreshments. To make the island more inviting, consider designing it like a custom furniture piece (with comfortable seating and plenty of space to stage food and drink). Even in a smaller kitchen with limited space, movable carts—that look attractive and provide convenient extra storage—can enhance the setting.

If you want a little seclusion, a formal dining room can be fitted for a birthday party, holiday dinner or rousing game night, and if open space is more your style, try an expansive dining table parallel to the kitchen island. Whatever route you choose, consider making the table a focal point, either with family-style dishes or a seasonal table scape. When considering all your options, remember one thing: design choices will tell the guests where to go.


Include a Media or Game Room

Perhaps your family has a weekly movie night or goes all out for your favorite sports team. If big-screen entertainment fits your lifestyle, consider a media room with oversized seating and a statement coffee table. Round out the space with a few giant floor pillows or bean bags for anyone who likes to lounge, and you’ll be up there with entertaining legends. If gameday meals will be part of the package, be mindful of flooring. Carpet stains easily but offers more comfort, so consider wood, tile or laminate flooring with a large area rug.

If you prioritize lively activities, have a game room complete with a pool or ping-pong table. Set the room aflame with vivid artwork or wall colors, and let your preferences guide you. In most cases, traditional design etiquette goes out the window for game rooms, so throw the rule book away and have fun with it.


Make Room for Guests

If you plan for all-nighters or have friends and family that often visit from out of town, make sure you have enough space to comfortably accommodate everyone. Consider having a guest room with amenities like fresh towels (in a close-set bathroom), closet space, and plenty of privacy.

Generating a lively, inviting home where guests feel free to socialize, relax and stay a while takes forethought and a little strategic arrangement. By taking advantage of all available space and ensuring the design fits the purpose, you can have a house that never feels empty.


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