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The Value of Transparency in the Pre-Construction Process

Transparency is absolutely paramount during your home-building process. When choosing your builder, learning about their methods and frequency of communication is a must. Miscommunication, misinformation, or just spans of time with no communication at all can wreak havoc on a home remodel or custom home project. Your experience should be easy, thorough, and even fun! So, what makes transparency one of the most important parts of the pre-construction process?


Why Is Transparency in the Pre-Construction Process So Important?

The pre-construction phase is when all of the designing, planning, and budgeting takes place. The unclear or lacking information about the products you choose for your home can result in higher costs later on when change orders are made to correct mistakes. If you’re not handed a clear and detailed contract with every budget line item spelled out, you may be missing information about fees or services that aren’t included, resulting in going over budget. 

During construction, there may come to light design errors or details that are determined to be not feasible, also resulting in higher costs to fix a design that you agreed to when you were led to believe the design and your budget were suitable. 

Miscommunication, or a lack of information, during pre-construction, can equal higher costs and a longer timeline than you were planning for, making your experience very unenjoyable, downright stressful, and disappointing. 

What Does Transparency Look Like During the Pre-Construction Phase?

A disappointing outcome is what makes many homeowners nervous about the custom home building and remodeling process, but it is certainly avoidable. What you’ll often find missing in those types of experiences is an essential element of a positive and rewarding home-building experience: transparency.

Transparency in the pre-construction phase is the constant presence of openness and honesty every step of the way. When a custom home builder is transparent, particularly during the pre-construction phase, nothing is unexpected, like costs or changes. 

Transparency during the pre-construction phase looks like this: 

1. Tracking Revisions and No Surprises

The custom home and remodeling process is an iterative one. You’ll have a consultation, design meetings, schematic design development, budgeting, contract signing, and construction. It’s best to have your architect and builder on the project from the beginning, so your design and budget will reflect one another more accurately. 

This is especially true when you go through several versions of your design, which can change the cost of your project. Without both professionals communicating clearly about every change, something can be missed and cost you either money or the end result. Cost control and meeting expectations are the outcomes of transparency. 

2. A Highly Detailed Contract

A contract that lacks in detail is a red flag. You should be made aware of labor, fees, and all material costs. For example, your builder may charge extra for appliance installation. This can be quite a shock toward the end of your project when appliances are delivered and you suddenly have to add to the scope of your project. 

You should also sign a contract that offers fixed-price rather than cost-plus pricing. This way, your builder is held to a specific final cost. However, a fixed-price method doesn’t save you from accrued costs. After signing your contract, you may be left to initiate change orders to achieve the design and finishes you trusted your architect and builder to deliver. This accrues added costs.  

You will also want a highly detailed contract to make sure you’re not getting overcharged for any services. Speculative costs on the part of the builder save them from initiating their own change orders but adds unnecessary padding to your budget. 

3. Knowledge-Sharing

When building a custom home or remodeling your home, it’s unlikely that you have as much industry knowledge as your builder and architect. This sort of informational wealth is why we look to these professionals to guide the process. A transparent builder won’t use this as leverage but instead, offer their knowledge to assist you through decision-making and problem-solving in ways that don’t negatively impact your budget or timeline. They will take the time to answer your questions, address your concerns, and fill in your knowledge gaps when needed. 

4. Trust

A pillar of trust is honesty, which is essentially transparency. “I don’t know, but I can find out.” “This option will increase your budget, but this one won’t and it’s the same quality.” “We came across a problem and here are your options; but it will change your original design a bit.” These are examples of honest, transparent communication. Your builder or architect isn’t hiding anything from you, showing trustworthiness. 

A contractor that’s transparent has nothing to hide and will earn your trust by being up-front on challenges, costs, answering your questions, and your available options. Transparency facilitates trust in your contractor, and your end result will be the custom home you envisioned in the budget you expected. 

How to Ensure Your Home Builder Practices Transparency in Construction

Working with an architect and builder who will collaborate from the beginning is a great way to facilitate transparency. The intricate balance between design and cost can only be successful with both of these professionals being brought onto the project from the beginning. It’s this design-build method of building or remodeling a home that will get you the design you’ve envisioned within the budget you’ve set. 

Finding a Transparent Home Builder 

You don’t have to settle for a custom home builder that only provides partial information and avoids bringing you in on important decisions, especially when it could affect your budget or timeline. If you want to actually enjoy the process and have the outcome be the home you envisioned, within your budget and timeline, consider working with GTG Custom Home Builders. We’re a custom builder and remodeler in Central New Jersey with decades of experience offering our clients the best experience they didn’t know possible. We will guide you through the entire process with transparency and care. Reach out to GTG Custom Home Builders today to schedule a consultation. 


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