Building a Custom Home in Hunterdon County: What You Need to Know

Andrew Giannattasio | Jun 24, 2019

Whether you grew up in Hunterdon County or find yourself in the fortunate position of having relocated to this northeastern gem, fewer communities have more to offer--from endless acres of wildlife ranges and parks to apple orchards, bountiful vineyards and nearby coastlines.

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Maximizing Your Custom Home for Entertaining

Andrew Giannattasio | May 13, 2019


One of the most fulfilling aspects of having your home custom-built is designing a domain that magnifies your values. If you live to entertain, this can mean generating unique spaces that make guests feel relaxed, embraced, and charmed. Here are a few ways to make your home a hub of vivacity and personal connection.

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Selecting a Quality Custom Home Builder: What You Need to Know

Andrew Giannattasio | Apr 15, 2019

The success of your new home project depends largely on choosing a quality custom builder in New Jersey. Selecting the right builder is just as important as choosing the location and design of your new home. Above anything else, you should focus on quality and value over affordability. Custom homes are meant to be forever homes. Choosing an inexpensive New Jersey custom home builder is only setting you up for frustration, upcharges and to pay for repairs down the road. Here are some insider ways you can determine if your builder values quality by using the best products to build your custom home.

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What You Need to Know for Your Homes Final Walk-Through

Andrew Giannattasio | Feb 08, 2019

When you reach the home stretch of moving into your new custom home, nothing is more exciting than scheduling the final walk-through with your builder. Keep in mind the term “final” is used loosely in this scenario. Additional walk-throughs are always scheduled within the first year of home ownership to allow the builder to make any needed adjustments after the normal expansion and contraction of a new home have taken effect. The final walk-through before your actual move-in date is intended to demonstrate how each feature in your home works plus check for any corrections needed.

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Avoid These Seven Things When Searching for a Custom Builder

Andrew Giannattasio | Jan 18, 2019

You’re ready to build a custom home but may not know how to get started on the process. The most important early decision you need to make is selecting your custom home builder. Not all custom home builders are created equal and choosing poorly can create a huge headache down the road. The following are the top seven things not to do when hiring a custom home builder.

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Custom Home Ideas Already Trending in 2019

Andrew Giannattasio | Dec 01, 2018

While still in the research and planning stages of designing your custom home, it is important to keep up to date on the latest trends. Looking at current and future trends can give you much needed inspiration for your upcoming project. When you meet with your custom home builder, inquire about the following design trends and the ways to best incorporate these must-have features into your next home.

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