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The Value of Transparency in the Pre-Construction Process

Bella Giannattasio | Jan 11, 2023

Transparency is absolutely paramount during your home-building process. When choosing your builder, learning about their methods and frequency of communication is a must. Miscommunication, misinformation, or just spans of time with no communication at all can wreak havoc on a home remodel or custom home project. Your experience should be easy, thorough, and even fun! So, what makes transparency one of the most important parts of the pre-construction process?

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Construction Loans for Custom Home Building: Everything You Need to Know

Bella Giannattasio | Oct 24, 2022

Talking about finances is never fun, but it's always necessary — especially when building a custom home.

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How to Build a Budget for Your Custom Home

Bella Giannattasio | Oct 17, 2022

When building a custom homeeverything comes down to finances. Your budget determines what you can feasibly accomplish in your custom build. It impacts where and what type of land you build on. It influences how big you can go and the quality of materials used to construct your dream home. The budget also dictates whether you can add more features to the design or need to put some on the chopping block.

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The Pros and Cons of Radiant Heat

Bella Giannattasio | Sep 28, 2022

Every morning you step from your plushy bed onto the cold, hard ground and out into the chilly air. And every morning, it's a rude awakening — especially during frigid New Jersey winters. What if, instead, you felt soft, warm carpet underfoot; or heated ceramic tile floors? 

Radiant heating makes your home feel as pleasant as early summer days all year round. Some people install radiant heat in their bathrooms; others install it throughout their house. Knowing the basics, in addition to the pros and cons of radiant heat, can help you decide whether this type of heating is right for you.

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7 Features You Need in Your Custom Home to Stay Cool During the Summer in NJ

Bella Giannattasio | Jun 08, 2022

With the ocean breezes and views of the Atlantic to enjoy, summer doesn’t get much better than it does in New Jersey. Still, summer has its drawbacks, chief among them, scorching heat. High temperatures can detract from your summer, leaving you sunburned and overheated. However, there are some adjustments you can make to your custom-built home to keep cool and enjoy the summer in any weather. 

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Building a Passive House in New Jersey: Everything You Need to Know

Bella Giannattasio | May 09, 2022

Energy-efficient homes are a win-win. They’re designed to have a minimal environmental impact, thus reducing the amount of energy, water, and other vital resources you use daily. That helps the environment; it also helps you, saving you money by lowering your utility bills. In addition, energy-efficient home designs are often created to maximize the homeowner’s comfort, health, and lifestyle. 

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