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Designing a Home for Your Business: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Tina Martin | Jan 28, 2021

Today, you don’t necessarily need to rent an office space or retail store in a busy location to run a successful business. Instead, many entrepreneurs are running their companies from home.

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Goal Creep: The Real Danger When Building a New Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Jan 22, 2021

Recently, we wrote an article about scope creep. This is a problem that clients can experience when a home improvement or new custom home project gets underway. Now we'd like to talk about a similar problem: goal creep

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How to Prevent Scope Creep When Building a New Home

Andrew Giannattasio | Nov 12, 2020

Scope creep is not a term that many people outside construction circles know, but if you're beginning a new home construction project, it's an important term to be aware of. Scope creep is a problem that can affect anyone building a new home. When it happens, scope creep can dramatically increase your building budget, put your project months behind, and place extra stress on you and your builder.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Buying Land in New Jersey

Andrew Giannattasio | Oct 19, 2020

Before you can build a home, you've got to buy land the home will be built upon. Choosing the lot for your future house may seem like a relatively small part of the home-building experience, but selecting the right location is equally as important as the timing on when to build. Without the right lot, your forever home might become your 5-year home, or even your 2-year home.

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Why Should I Work with a Custom Home Builder?

Andrew Giannattasio | Sep 14, 2020

So, you've decided to construct your forever home in Hunterdon County. You're in the earliest stages of the process, and your future home is little more than a wish and a daydream. When you get started with the planning and design of your house, two options may stand out: production homes versus custom homes.

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7 Things to Have in a Custom Home for Entertaining Guests

Andrew Giannattasio | Aug 31, 2020

Not all homes are suitable for entertaining. The most suitable homes have open spaces, lots of light, places for seating and standing, and luxuries that make the home a welcoming place for guests. The best way to make your home suitable for entertaining is to build it from scratch, and to design it with entertaining in mind. When it is safe to host guests again, these tips can help you create a perfect house for parties and get-togethers with groups big and small.

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